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Talking With My Kid About Sex: Age 9

Sex is becoming a more and more talked about subject in our household and J is starting to ask questions and confide in me more and more. His questions are thoughtful and make me realize that no matter how sex positive I think I am, it is hard to watch this little kid blossom into a young adult and want to take on more adult situations. He is turning 9 this week and he sat me down for a talk the other night. This is the abridged version of our that talk.

- J: Is it ok for me to love anyone I want…even if they aren’t cute?
- Me: Kiddo, as far as I am concerned you can love whoever you want so long as they love you back and treat you well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and others’ opinions are not what you should base your feelings upon.
- J: nods silently and then goes on to ask… When can I start having sex? Read the full post »

Mom Taught Me Where Babies Come From

This post comes from a Babeland colleague, Tanya:

When I was about five-years-old  I asked my mom “where do babies come from?”. She sat me down and explained all about the penis going into the vagina and how sperm comes out and travels to an egg and all this other technical stuff. She also made sure to tell me that sometimes people do this same activity just for fun because it is  enjoyable to both people.  I said “okay” and went about my business of coloring. Read the full post »