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Pet Your Bunny Gone Awry

I love a good teachable moment, but they don’t always work out so great. Last year, when we were planning an April Fool’s event at Babeland that involved pretending to the public that we were releasing a Vibrating Chocolate Bunny, my 7-year-old daughter started reading the copy for the “gag” over my shoulder. She got so excited that her mom was working on a chocolate bunny! But of course she had to ask, “what is a vibrator?” On its own I can answer this “It’s a toy grownups play with in private,” but somehow in the context of a child’s curiosity around toys and candy, it left me speechless. I tried to brush her off, but that just further piqued her curiosity. I finally tried to explain that “mommy was coming up with a spoof on the chocolate bunnies, by pretending one was a vibrator—one of those sex toys she sells.” At this point, triggered by the word “sex”, it all clicked into place and she screamed “oh gross” and ran laughing from the room. So, I’m not sure how I could’ve handled that any differently, but at least my daughter knows what I do, she sees that I  have fun in my job, and she knows that bugging me at work has its consequences! Read the full post »