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Sex and Parenting: A Little Goes A Long Way

Sex and parenting takes work. I am in a relationship with someone I only see a few times a week and we really have to work to keep our sex life robust. Many weeks we plan ahead and look at our schedules to see what time we have for sex. We make a date and a plan to turn off all other devices and just be together for a while that night. No matter what, we have made a pact that we will have sex at least once a week and that we will work to keep intimacy the other six.

Intimacy for us means:

- long, lingering kisses when we first see each other
- Calling or texting each other once a day to just say, “I love you” and check on how the day has gone.
- Sleeping with skin on skin contact when we sleep together
- Enjoying small rituals together, such as showering, watching a favorite show, seeing a band we both love, etc.

These small steps ensure that we are happy and satisfied sexually and emotionally. More often then not these weekly sex sessions are hot and steamy. We make them last for a couple of hours and linger on each others bodies because we can. We set aside this time and we have done the work all week so that we could spend this time, guilt free with each other.

Sex During Pregnancy Class

In Seattle, we have recently paired up with Bootyland (up the block from Babeland) for our Sexy Moms classes.  We have taught a couple of classes for moms with older kids, but our upcoming class here in Seattle on November 30th is specifically for the pregnant moms and the moms with newborns (and partners of course).

When I wrote about the last class we had, I mentioned the lack of info online  about how to keep your mojo while preggo.  Well, there are definitely no classes for pregnant women wanting to find out the details about how their sex lives will change with pregnancy and parenthood.

Hey, I’m happy to be the resident expert on the subject!  I love teaching about sex, I’m pregnant, plus I have now gotten to talk to LOTS of pregnant women and new moms about their sex lives too.

This class will cover 2 really important topics:
1.    Everyone is different.
2.    Communication techniques Read the full post »

Come to My Sexy Moms Event May 19 in Brooklyn!

Glamour Magazine did a large survey of moms a few years ago and asked them, “If you had an extra hour in your day, what would you do with it?” Think about your own answer, then see what the survey revealed below. But if you’re a mom, and you can get to our Brooklyn store, come talk about it with me and some other moms at the workshop on May 19 at 7:30 titled “Keeping Your Sex Life Alive While Raising Kids.” I know we moms need to relax, which is why we’ll have a masseuse giving 15 minute massages from 6:30-7:30. And I know we need to save money so we can hire our babysitters, which is why this workshop is only $20. Read the full post »