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Sexy Celebrity Mom: Mary Louise Parker

Before her fame as America’s nuttiest drug-dealing mom on Weeds, Mary Louise Parker won a Golden Globe for her role in Angels in America. At the time, she was a single mom with a newborn at home, having been recently dumped by  Billy Crudup during her pregnancy. Her uber sexy-mom moment came during her award acceptance speech when she talked about how breastfeeding made her boobs look great in her red-carpet gown (very true)!

And regardless of whether you think Nancy Botwin (MLP’s character on Weeds) is a good mom, you must admit that she has the most sex of any single mom portrayed on TV (and had the honor of having her own home-grown earn the name “MILF-weed”!). One of the most fantastic parenting-on-TV-moments showed segments of Nancy talking to her two sons (the footage bounced back and forth between them): in once frame she’s giving her middle school son a lecture on masturbating to a naked picture of her he’d found, and in the other frame she’s giving her teenage son a lecture on sleeping with a neighbor mom who’s her age. Read the full post »