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Perfect Gifts for Busy Moms

Since I began working at Babeland, I have supplied many a mom, sister, friend, and even grandma, with a toy of her own. Now that Mother’s day is right around the corner, consider giving any of these ready-to-gift kits for the special moms in your lives.  Busy, hard-working moms are some of the best people to spoil with pamper-yourself gifts. (You will be taken to the Babeland web site when you click on the toy names.) Read the full post »

Moms’ Best Sex Toys

These toys (and more) are available from When you click on the toy name you will be taken to the Babeland web site.

Rabbit Habit Vibrator
Consider giving this (discreetly of course) at the baby shower of your next pregnant friend. Made famous by its appearance on Sex and the City, it’s just so sexy and glamorous it doesn’t look at all like an appliance or a fake phallus. But its real charm comes from the design–it has a rotating shaft meant for insertion, with balls inside that kind offer extra internal stimulation. Attached to the shaft is a little bunny, whose ears flick and vibrate the clit at the same time. The dildo-with-clit-vibe combo is great during those nine months when a mom’s desire levels can shift from “bring it on, bring it all on” to “just a light touch please.”

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