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The Virgin Diaries: This Mom’s Hope for Her Son

After reading reviews of Bristol Palin’s memoir which just hit shelves I was reminded of my own first time. It was, unfortunately, not too far off from Bristol’s. This made me think about what I want for my own child’s first time and what I would like to see in his memoir.

I hope that he knows that he doesn’t need to lie to me. If there is someone that he is genuinely interested in pursuing then I want to support him. I know that he will not always choose to surround himself with people or situations I wholeheartedly approve of, but I will support his decisions as long as those people are respectful to him and that he remains respectful to himself. I would rather him know that he could call me and get out of a situation than feel really trapped or alone if a situation gets bad. Read the full post »

Sex Ed: Mom Was a Great Role Model

Everything my Mom taught me about sex was subtle.

We did not have “the talk.” When I was about 14 she asked me if I had any questions about sex. I said no. She said if I ever did, come to her.  I never did, and that was that.

I was such a private person at that age that my Mom couldn’t really go the direct route. I had closed that door. So instead she communicated through books. First and foremost was the Joy of Sex, helpfully left on an easily accessible shelf. And of course Ms. Magazine arrived every month full of body positive messages. Read the full post »