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The Virgin Diaries: This Mom’s Hope for Her Son

After reading reviews of Bristol Palin’s memoir which just hit shelves I was reminded of my own first time. It was, unfortunately, not too far off from Bristol’s. This made me think about what I want for my own child’s first time and what I would like to see in his memoir.

I hope that he knows that he doesn’t need to lie to me. If there is someone that he is genuinely interested in pursuing then I want to support him. I know that he will not always choose to surround himself with people or situations I wholeheartedly approve of, but I will support his decisions as long as those people are respectful to him and that he remains respectful to himself. I would rather him know that he could call me and get out of a situation than feel really trapped or alone if a situation gets bad. Read the full post »

Sex Education: Teenager Style

Planned Parenthood saved my bacon more than once in high school. I would get my birth control, pap smears, plan B, and STI screens there as a teenager. I drove a 1972 VW bus that was not really an inconspicuous car so I would park two blocks away and walk up just in case anyone I or my parents knew happened to drive by. I made some dumb mistakes as a teenager, most do. I learned from these actions, but I was not proud of them and therefore didn’t want to discuss them with my parents (my apologies to my parents if they are reading this) I hardly even discussed them with my friends and when we did talk I often felt worse about my decisions. Read the full post »