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Mom’s Valentine’s Toy Box

Since most of you reading this are moms, I figured I’d help you be a little pro-active in getting an especially good treat for Valentine’s Day. There have been so many exciting sex toys of late; here are a few must-haves for your mom toy box–just leave your computer open to this post so your honey finds it when he/she sits down!

For the mom who deserves it all, and likes her toy dressed up in a pretty package
Mimi: this little powerhouse of a vibe does the job of my Hitachi but is rechargeable and waterproof. The shape and size fits perfectly into the palm of my (or my partner’s) hand leaving the fingers free to hook in and stimulate my G-spot. Read the full post »

Downsizing the toy collection

I started packing a couple of weeks ago for our move to a bigger apartment–more room for two of us, our dog, and a new baby due in a few months. When I pulled open the closet in the bedroom I found the bottom shelf packed with vibrators.

Working at Babeland for 6 ½ years has provided me with a collection of vibrators that some women would die for. Instead, I have taken advantage of this job perk, shoving them in my closet, some still unopened and never used.  I began transferring them to a box only to find that I would have to thin out my collection or get a bigger box.  And let’s face it, no one wants a massive box labeled “sex toys” to spark the mover’s imagination. Read the full post »