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Sex RX for the Ladies: Get Yourself A Piece of Mind(fulness)

If the key to getting and staying turned on is peace of mind, the practice of Mindfulness might be just the hobby to help us start feeling like getting more of a piece of…ass. What is mindfulness? It just means paying attention to what’s going on right now; being aware of the present moment. In life, and particularly in parenting, it’s so easy to get caught up in the future (ie: worrying or planning) or caught in the past (ie: wishful regrets or blaming) that we’re not really here 100 percent. Read the full post »

Fantasy Transforms Everyday Encounters

If my partner and I are spending a day running errands and hanging out, then the mood often strikes while we are out and about and we will have a midday tryst. One of my favorite ways to get us both in the mood is to talk about how hot it would be to have sex is the stacks of the bookstore or on that couch in the antique store or how that chocolate sauce in the grocery store would taste better on a body than ice cream. Just making small easy comments into each others ears and letting hands linger on bodies in otherwise innocent/sexless spaces can be a huge turn on. (Heck…my motor is running just writing this.) Read the full post »