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Yes Virginia, There is a Clitoris

We recently asked our Facebook friends what they learned about sex growing up, and it became clear that the clitoris was (and is) given scant attention in most birds and bees talks that happen both at school and at home. How can there be a curriculum in sex ed, or any talk that touches on the basics of sexual pleasure, that fails to mention the clit?!

Apparently there can be, and it’s not uncommon. And as many of our Facebook friends pointed out, not having information left them to make up their own stories about their bodies. Here’s what Liz said: “The first time I saw mine, I thought it was a little tiny penis and I had been born a hermaphrodite and my parents just never told me.” We read many stories about kids who thought they had a disease, a growth,  or felt something was wrong with them.

I’m not sure whether parents are assuming kids are learning sex stuff in school or teachers think kids are learning about it at home, but it’s better to seize the reins and be pro-active! Better to be annoyingly thorough than leave gaps in their knowledge.

Not only do people need to know that the clit exists, but what it is for. Here’s another Facebook post: “I JUST learned a few years ago that most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone and that the clit needs stimulation. WTF? I wish I had known that when I was younger.” Read the full post »

Dad’s Advice to Son: Deciding When You’re Ready for Sex

This is the next installment in a series of posts written by one of our readers, a dad who shares his experience talking to his son about sex. Enjoy!

Deciding to have sex

As far as the information I passed on as to the penetrative aspect of penile/vaginal sex, I simply stressed what my wife and I both believe—that the vast majority of young women  (I believe I used the ages from sexual awareness to about 22) might not be mentally and emotionally ready for intercourse. For that matter, I went on, it was most likely he wouldn’t be either. We talked about why that might be (lack of knowledge, peer-pressure, not being ready for intimacy with an immature partner, etc.). I told him the story of how I lost my virginity, and how I was drastically unprepared for the mental aspect of it, and how there was no condom, no relaxation and no fun. I told him how disappointing it was to lose my virginity to someone I didn’t love, and on top of it how I didn’t even enjoy it. Read the full post »