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Sex Questions: What do kids really want and need to know?

When it comes to answering questions about sex from my 10-year-old, I try to remain open, find out what she’s really asking, and then give her straight forward, age appropriate answers. I don’t completely censor every aspect of my “adult” life from her, but there is no need to put it in her face either. I am lucky to have a remarkable daughter who has taught me almost as much in ten years as I have taught her. I go slow and keep her comfort level in mind. One of the best tricks you can use for doing this, which I picked up from a fellow mom at Babeland, goes like this:

Kid: “Mom! What’s this …?” (Pointing at or asking about something sex related)

Parent: “Well, do you really wanna know?” Read the full post »

Activist, Educator, and Parent

As a single mother whose life calling is sexuality education, I often find it difficult to balance an activist agenda and allowing for my child to be socially capable in his elementary school setting. We had one of these moments on Sunday walking down the street to rent movies. J looks over at me and says, “Why do I get nervous when I try to say certain words?”
“What kind of words honey?”
“Well, like…can I just spell it? S.E.X.” Read the full post »