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Lesbian Parenting with Lauren Abrams

Becoming a parent is wonderful, but lesbians must navigate a host of issues before becoming moms. For example, will you use an anonymous or a known sperm donor? How much will it cost? Who will be the birth mother? Will you adopt? As part of Babeland’s Sexy Moms Series in Brooklyn,  Lauren Abrams, a local lesbian midwife and parent from Park Slope addressed these questions with honesty, professionalism, and  the privilege of hindsight.

Her list below of LGBTQ friendly resources in NYC will help you figure out the best path for you!

  • Center Kids, The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, 212-620-7310

Medical Resources:

Prenatal/gyn care (no insemination services):

  • Midwifery of Manhattan, 330 W 58th St, NY, 212-957-3006
  • Dr. Jacques Moritz, 212-603-4160

Sperm banks:

Attorneys/legal services:

  • Teresa Calabrese, Esq, 212-889-1101
  • Weiss, Buell, and Bell, 212-967-5710

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