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Birds + Bees + YOUR Kids with Amy Lang, MA

Parents, don’t miss Amy Lang, MA of Birds+Bees+Kids speaking at Babeland’s Seattle store on April 25.  Amy’s talk is for parents of elementary school age children and older. This interactive talk helps parents understand the need to start the conversations early and continue them throughout childhood and adolescence. Parents learn what works for kids, have time to talk about their own experiences and values, and learn about teen sexual behavior in an open and candid atmosphere.

Amy LangAmy has a 16-year history as a Sexual Health Educator and I have known a few moms who have attended her lecture at their kids’ school and found it really helpful.  I was eager to get her to teach a class at the store since we have a lot of parents who shop here.  Our customers are pretty sex-positive parents, yet it is hard to be prepared for “the talk” especially since it seems it needs to happen earlier–and definitely more often–than you were maybe expecting.

We are offering this class for free because we feel it is so important to have great sex education when you’re young and to be able to talk about these important issues with your parents.  So parents, be sure to take advantage of this class and get some great tools to help you out when the time is right. If you can’t make the event, check out Amy’s great Q&A for parents and her online sex education resources.

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