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Keep the Condoms Handy

In order to illustrate the importance of sex education (and on behalf of SIECUS our fundraising recipient this month), we asked our staff to contribute stories or anecdotes about their own sexual awakening or what kind of sex education they received. Feel free to share your comments on the Moms in Babeland blog and you could win a toy!

V writes:
Although I considered myself sexually active starting when I was 16 years old, I didn’t have intercourse until I was 19. I wanted to wait until I was ready, and until I was in love. My boyfriend at the time was not a virgin and also did not assume we were going to use a condom; I had to request it (I was also on the Pill at the time). He was ready to go ahead without one and I remember saying, “Are you kidding?” I had been given some free condoms by my college RA, which I had been carrying around in my purse every time I saw this particular guy — an optimistic gesture.

The act itself was brief, sweet, and awkward. We broke up two weeks after, but I remember not regretting my decision to have sex with him. Sentimentally, I kept the condom wrapper until I felt sufficiently weird about it and then I threw it away.

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