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Sex During Pregnancy Class

In Seattle, we have recently paired up with Bootyland (up the block from Babeland) for our Sexy Moms classes.  We have taught a couple of classes for moms with older kids, but our upcoming class here in Seattle on November 30th is specifically for the pregnant moms and the moms with newborns (and partners of course).

When I wrote about the last class we had, I mentioned the lack of info online  about how to keep your mojo while preggo.  Well, there are definitely no classes for pregnant women wanting to find out the details about how their sex lives will change with pregnancy and parenthood.

Hey, I’m happy to be the resident expert on the subject!  I love teaching about sex, I’m pregnant, plus I have now gotten to talk to LOTS of pregnant women and new moms about their sex lives too.

This class will cover 2 really important topics:
1.    Everyone is different.
2.    Communication techniques

Sure, we will cover positions, what is safe to do while preggo, what toys you can use, and alternatives to your regular sex acts to keep the intimacy going in your relationship (even just your sexual relationship with yourself), but the two main keys are mentioned above.

What you have to remember is that like every pregnancy is different and everyone’s sexual tastes are different, every pregnant woman will not have the same desires or sexual needs during those magical 9 months.  The picture that is often painted though, is that the first trimester you feel exhausted and sick and sex is not on your mind; the second trimester you are full of energy and you become a super randy sex kitten; and the third trimester you often feel too big to roll over, let alone get into different positions, or fit one more thing into your body.  If you don’t fit into these expectations, it can seem like something is wrong with you.  Rest assured moms-to-be, you are perfect just the way you are, and we are going to cover how you can have the best sexual experience for you.

And no sex class for moms-to-be would be complete without giving you some tips for what to do once the little bundle of joy is keeping you up all night, er…here.

Live in Seattle?  Want to attend?  Meet us at Bootyland and don’t be late. Not in Seattle? Pick up a copy of Your Orgasmic Pregnancy for more helpful information.

Sexy Moms Night: Sex During Pregnancy
Tuesday, November 30, 6:00PM, Free
Your sex life is in for some twists and turns while you’re pregnant. Get the information you need so you can enjoy your sexuality on your own terms during this momentous time, and prepare to maintain your sexuality after your child is born.

This Babeland workshop is being held at:

Bootyland Kids
1317 E Pine St
Seattle WA 98122

(206) 328-0636

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