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Sex During Pregnancy and Parenthood Class

This weekend at the Seattle Store we are teaching a Sex During Pregnancy and Parenthood class.  We even have guest teacher Nekole Shapiro from Tantric Birth joining our resident Sex Educator mom Shannon and myself.

Being newly pregnant (18 weeks) and a sex educator, my interest in learning all about sex during pregnancy has definitely increased.  Though I taught the Sexy Moms class a few times before I was pregnant, things are now personal.  At first it seemed that there wasn’t much information out there on having sex during pregnancy other than:
“There are reasons not to have sex when your pregnant and here they are X,Y and Z, but if those don’t apply to you then go for it.  Talk to your doctor about it though” Or something like that.

Given the popularity of the Sexy Moms classes in Seattle we picked up the book Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know and it was the first time I saw all these really positive depictions of pregnant women enjoying their sex lives.  I also found great tips on the site What To Expect including increased sex drive, or relationships tips to keep things hot during pregnancy and some good tips on getting back in the sack post postpartum (though I would recommend Sliquid Organics Silk over Astroglide or KY any day).
Regardless, whether you’re pregnant or caring for a newborn, your sex life is in for some twists and turns.  So if you are feeling like a sex kitten in your new body, or you really don’t get what all the fuss is about like Ronda Kaysen over momlogic, this class is for you!  We will have sweet treats and really great discussions, so if you are in Seattle don’t miss it!

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