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Sex During and After Pregnancy Classes in Seattle

What do pregnant ladies and new moms have in common when it comes to sex? They aren’t getting enough good information!

Well at Babeland we love to talk about sex, and lucky us, we get to do that all day every day. We also love the hot mamas and mamas to be and we want them to be having as much (or as little) sex as they want to and getting the most out of it. We are teaching 2 classes in Seattle at Birth and Beyond next week  (August 11th) one especially for the pregnant ladies (Sex During and After Pregnancy) and one for the new mama’s (Sex, Desire, and Reconnecting ).
The pregnancy class will answer all those pesky questions like:

  • Will I hurt the baby? (No).
  • What positions can I possibly get into? (Lots).
  • Am I a pervert because of my dreams? (No).
  • Will having sex or orgasms cause me to go into labor early? (It depends).

We’ll cover the changing body, emotions and sex drive. We are also going to cover having sex again post baby. This is a key component that a lot of new moms are not prepared for and we are going to get you ready for it early! Don’t worry about that 6 week mark for having sex again. We’ll cover the things you will really need to know about hopping back in the sack post partum (hint, it has a lot more to do with how much sleep and help you are getting than how many weeks since you gave birth).

The class for new moms is always great because so often the moms are eager to vent, I mean, discuss about their sex lives, or lack there of. Inevitably body images comes up, and we will cover exercises to help you fall in love with your new mom bod. Working out the new routine for sex with your partner is also a big part of this class. There are always lots of questions

  • It’s been  6 weeks and I’m not feeling ready, is that okay?
  • I’m experiencing pain, when will that subside?
  • I’m just not feeling in the mood – why? What can I do about it?

We also have great tips to help you communicate with your partner about what you need (The dishes, I need the dishes done, not oral) and get back the sex life you want.

The pregnancy class is open moms to be, partners and to medical professionals that would like this information to pass o to their clients and patients. The new moms class is open to moms and babies.

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