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Downsizing the toy collection

I started packing a couple of weeks ago for our move to a bigger apartment–more room for two of us, our dog, and a new baby due in a few months. When I pulled open the closet in the bedroom I found the bottom shelf packed with vibrators.

Working at Babeland for 6 ½ years has provided me with a collection of vibrators that some women would die for. Instead, I have taken advantage of this job perk, shoving them in my closet, some still unopened and never used.  I began transferring them to a box only to find that I would have to thin out my collection or get a bigger box.  And let’s face it, no one wants a massive box labeled “sex toys” to spark the mover’s imagination.

So then the question became, which toys do I take?  It’s funny how now that I’m having a baby I’ve even started to think about my sex toys in terms of what use I will get out of them during my pregnancy and then later as a mom.  I definitely want those Luna Beads to strengthen my Kegels.  And that Hathor lube will be good to keep around because it’s all natural.  I’ll put the Magic Wand aside for a few months (don’t want the baby to get too used to vibration, otherwise it might be hard to console without a vibrator!)

Now with my one small, but heavy box of sex toys (clearly marked “mom’s toys”) I am ready to make the move into motherhood.

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2 Responses to “Downsizing the toy collection”

  1. Rachel says:

    It can be hard to thin that collection! I have so many, and some were/are pretty expensive. But it’s not really Craig’s list material is it? I think my next garage sale may have an “adults only” corner for some of my never used and lightly used (but thoroughly clean!) goodies.

  2. Audrey says:

    I recently cleaned out my collection and I posted it on Facebook that I had some freshly boiled silicone toys up for grabs and that if anyone wanted them they should call me. That way I didn’t have to post the details, and only people I knew well enough to have my phone number would be getting in touch about it. I got rid of all the toys I was done playing with and made several friends happy in the process.

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