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Do Moms Have Sex?

When the proposal was first put to me that we launch a site all about Moms and sex, I was skeptical. A lot of Moms I know don’t have much sex.

Immediately post-birth that makes sense. If the Mom had a vaginal delivery she may be feeling pretty battered and beat up. If she had a C-section, she’s recovering from surgery, if it was an adoption or surrogate, the shock of the transition is huge enough on its own.  The sleep cycles of infants are not conducive to parental eroticism, nor is the scent of poopy diapers.

But even after this first stage, many parents don’t hop back on board the groove train. Whether it’s getting our touch needs satisfied (and more!) by kids, seeing our partners as more of a helpmeet than a hottie, co-sleeping, or being so busy caring for others that we’ve forgotten what it feels like to do something for ourselves, many parents find they have to put effort into making sex happen. As you may have said in sassier days, “it doesn’t just do itself!”

I know when my beloved and I have sex, we feel so much closer, and it makes all the little annoyances of co-parenting and living together assume their proper proportion. Suddenly, we’re not sweating the small stuff. Who cares if I’m the only one who loads the dishwasher? She’s cute and I love her.

I’m also a big believer in that whatever area we put our energy into, grows. I’ve often heard back from people who’ve attended a talk or workshop at Babeland that they were inspired to go home and have great sex. Not necessarily inspired by what was said, but by the very fact that they went to a sex talk and got thinking about sex. They put that energy out there, and bam! They got it right back in sexual pleasure.

So in the interests of all the Moms out there, we Moms at Babeland are going to put our energy into producing this site, in the hopes that the energy leads to more and better sex for everyone who participates: visitors, folks who comment, lurkers and hopefully us contributors too!

There is always more to discover about ourselves and sex, and being parents just brings in new angles. So welcome to the site, and enjoy the journey!

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