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aka “Who’s your Daddy?” Why Parents are Sexy.

You guys might know that I am a single, busy mom and I hope you know that single, busy moms and dads need love too! In my search for knowledge and wisdom and love in the big bad world I have learned something: (I can’t say this is a steadfast rule in all situations but from my experience) parents are sexy and they make some of the best lovers. Responsible, honest, hard working, real, informed, caring, taking care of their children: parents.

They say being a parent helps you to understand your own parents and the love they have for you. I believe this is true. Being a parent has also taught me an amount of concern, care, and respect for life that I couldn’t really understand before, even as someone who was concerned for animal welfare and who became a vegetarian at a young age.

I have found that being a single mom does not always make it easy to find time in my schedule to spend trying to spark, cultivate, and hold down relationships. Especially with someone who doesn’t necessarily understand where your priorities are. In my experience parents understand the importance of time and putting it to good use when you have it. When I am free to be an adult, I want to use that time to its full potential and when I have to run to take care of my daughter I want it to be understood that that is always my priority.

What do you think about honesty and openness with partners? Looking for a picture of some sexy parents, I stumbled across this post about Will and Jada being honest about the realm of possibilities. I personally am non monogamous and a believer in compersion.

When I began this post on a whim I contacted the Beautiful Kind, remembering that she is also a sexy mom! I asked her two questions:

    Do you think parents are sexy?
    And how do you feel about the statement: “Parents make better lovers”?

Here is what she said (in italics, printed with permission and minimal edits for readability):

I have a 10 yr old daughter too! here is a post I wrote about sexy motherhood.

As for your questions, this is a post my partner wrote, he has 2 kids. Is that not one of the sexiest things you’ve ever read???

YES!! Note his name is Beast.

So yes, parents are very sexy. OK, maybe not the ones who scream at their kids in the grocery store. (I couldn’t have said this better myself.) … parents are better lovers, especially after their child reaches 3 years old. Those first three years tend to hijack just about everything, you give your mind, body, and soul over to your kid. Once they start to become more independent, then you get to have your sanity back, which means your sex life, too! At least that was the case for me, I’m in awe of swinger couples who have babies!

The experience of being a parent adds so much to your sex tool belt, you have a wider emotional scope, you have more depth. Your body changes and matures. A girlfriend of mine started squirting impressively after having her second kid. Good thing she had his crib pads around!

Indeed! The Beautiful Kind is exactly what her name implies both beautiful and kind. Thank you so much TBK, for being so open, available, honest and responsive to my questions.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I personally know people in all different kinds of relationships and I have had a handful myself. I believe that from my experience people who take care of their kids are sexy. Priorities are sexy. Hard work is sexy. Responsibility is sexy. Respect is Sexy. Moms and Dads who are honest with their kids, themselves, and you (and me, please!) … you’ve got it … they are crazy sexy.

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