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Are Kids Waiting Longer to Have Sex?

Recently I was at a community college in the Seattle area tabling as a Babeland Sexpert and was surprised by the large number of students who were admittedly virgins. I spoke with a few other coworkers who recently represented Babeland on college campuses and they also had a really large number of students asking questions about losing their virginity. This is a newer trend that we are seeing as we are doing the college circuit and it has sparked a lot of discussion around the store:

  • Is it because of abstinence only education? Is it working or is it creating fear in the students which in turn is keeping them abstinent?
  • Is it regional? Is this just a trend in Washington state or are other states seeing this?
  • Is it generational? MTV was nothing but music videos (usually including sex) when I was growing up. Now it is 16 and Pregnant and the True life series which shows every side of most issues facing young people…just not in every episode.
  • Is it an education/parenting thing? Washington and Seattle are highly educated areas and pretty sexually open areas as well. Are parents talking with their kids and taking away the shame so that they feel more empowered in their sexuality and decision making.

These are a few of the possible explanations we can think of. It is a really interesting trend to see and one that we hope will lead to lower unwanted pregnancies, STI’s, rapes and abuse.
I went onto to see what they had for information about virginity and found this blog entry.  It is a really interesting take on virginity from Therese Shechter, a filmmaker who is working on the documentary “How to Lose Your Virginity”. She has spent a lot of time focusing on all of the myths of virginity and talks to people about the state of virginity in the United States. I really enjoyed her viewpoint about how virginity is treated as the only gift a girl has to offer and about the double standards that plague our society. Young women are often put into a position of their sexuality representing their worth. If you have sex then you “put out” and that is your value if you are a virgin you hold a prize that the guys will work for. I am generalizing and viewing from a hetero-normative stand point. I know that there is a larger spectrum of sex and sexuality and that not everyone views virginity in an either/or way. I fear what my child and the children in my life are being exposed to and hope that they all know that they are valuable for every aspect of themselves. What are your opinions on this?

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