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Urban Outfitters Cancels Condoms

After a brief kerfuffle with crazed anti-choice activists, Urban Outfitters quickly pulled Planned Parenthood’s Proper Attire condoms from their online shelves. An alternative version to the story that UA caved to pressure from right wing nuts is that progressives cried foul to see Planned Parenthood (through Proper Attire) partner with Urban Outfitters, which was founded and is helmed by a prominent anti-gay rights big money republican donor.

Either way, the fact is that one form of access to high quality condoms by UA’s 18-30 y.o. target market just got shut down. Proper Attire (you can buy them from Babeland) is an attempt to make condoms fashionable, and to my mind, Urban Outfitters is a perfect partner. Not everyone wants a condom from a bowl at the health center, and if a gloss of style makes it sexier, bravo.

I know the guy who started Urban Outfitters is a billionaire conservative but the fact is that Urban Outfitters is actually doing a bit of the work in getting sex info to the young people of America. Those stores are everywhere, and they are crammed with sex stuff. In fact I was thrilled when Claire’s and my first book, Sex Toys 101, was picked up by Urban Outfitters. Yeah, UA is all ironic and kitschy about everything, and Claire and I are almost too sincere, but we were glad to get our message out, and if it came in the guise of a gag gift, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t ultimately read (and hopefully quickly put into practice!)

At heart, I’m a pragmatist. The easier condoms are to get, the more ways they are presented, the more likely one will be handy when it is needed. So I count this one as a loss, and hope UA will try condoms again.

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One Response to “Urban Outfitters Cancels Condoms”

  1. Cat Q says:

    This is really too bad. Teenagers and young adults are going to have sex – why do people want to make it harder for them to use condoms?

    Rhetorical question. Because sex is SUPPOSED to have consequences. Like living, breathing children that need to be taken care of.

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