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So Long R.E.M.

In case any of you missed it, the band R.E.M. announced that it was breaking up after a run together of over 30 years. This news made me wistful, not only because they provided this mom great music along her own life journey, they touched me closer to home. A few years ago they filmed part of their Supernatural Superserious video in the Babeland store in the Lower East Side (click on Babeland on the grid), and our staff found the band charming and fun.

I am also reminiscing about a fantastic song about sex education called “Trout”, a duet Michael Stipe (he actually raps) did in the early ’90s with Neneh Cherry. If you haven’t ever listened to it do it now, it’s a song about being young, wanting to have sex, and needing some sex education! If Salt n’ Pepa’s anthem “Let’s Talk about Sex” was a call to action for youth, this song was a call to action for parents and educators.

Neneh sings:

Feelings of love I’ve got
feelings of affection
Come on and give it to me
give it with protection
There’s no time we’re out of luck
The law says we can’t talk about it!

Then Michael raps:

Parents and teachers get together get cool
Children need to learn about sex
in school
Children need to learn about sex in school
You think they don’t do it??
Don’t get fooled
Parents don’t turn your back on the pack
Teachers want to teach but
the law says whack
Don’t let your kid get caught
Without a jimmy hat
and that’s just the start
Take it to the heart
of the matter
talk about it talk about it

Even though this song is decades old, sex education is as important as ever, both at home and in schools. During July Babeland customers donated over $20,000 dollars to our sex education partner, SIECUS, so thank you for taking this message to heart. And thanks to Michael, Neneh and R.E.M. for years of entertainment and education.

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