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Sexy Celebrity Mom: Mary Louise Parker

Before her fame as America’s nuttiest drug-dealing mom on Weeds, Mary Louise Parker won a Golden Globe for her role in Angels in America. At the time, she was a single mom with a newborn at home, having been recently dumped by  Billy Crudup during her pregnancy. Her uber sexy-mom moment came during her award acceptance speech when she talked about how breastfeeding made her boobs look great in her red-carpet gown (very true)!

And regardless of whether you think Nancy Botwin (MLP’s character on Weeds) is a good mom, you must admit that she has the most sex of any single mom portrayed on TV (and had the honor of having her own home-grown earn the name “MILF-weed”!). One of the most fantastic parenting-on-TV-moments showed segments of Nancy talking to her two sons (the footage bounced back and forth between them): in once frame she’s giving her middle school son a lecture on masturbating to a naked picture of her he’d found, and in the other frame she’s giving her teenage son a lecture on sleeping with a neighbor mom who’s her age.

Want to see who else is on the celebrity moms list? My sexy celebrity moms offer something for all of us. Even it was just for a moment, each one of these ladies put a real face on motherhood, and gave us a glimpse of her sexy mom-ness in all its sensual glory. These moms are sexy to me because they are galvanized by their mom power, radiating strength, intelligence, beauty, and brazenness. Stay tuned for more!

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