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Katy Perry is Too Scandalous for Elmo

Katy Perry manages to offend my ears more than my eyes but apparently the low-cut dress she wore in her duet with Elmo on Sesame Street offended enough parents that the clip was pulled before it aired on the show (it ran on You Tube). Her outfit has a flesh colored top that goes to her neck but appears to be low cut and boob-licious, which didn’t sit well with the parents of the 1-6-year-olds for whom the show is intended. I for one enjoy kids’ entertainment that has something for me too. The main reason I go to see kid’s movies is to share the experience with my son, but I really appreciate the hidden adult humor (for instance, discussing a Brazilian wax in Monsters, Inc.). Granted, I am a more liberal parent when it comes to the body and all of its parts, but children are exposed to much more skin than this everyday and in ways that don’t involve Elmo.

I looked over the list of celebrity guest stars over the years on Sesame Street and many of them are not “kid friendly” or appropriate role models if that concern is what underlies the parental disapproval. As a child I loved “The Muppets Take Manhattan” which co-starred Joan Rivers. I love Joan Rivers but she does not teach children anything positive when it comes to stereotypes and body image. She is a character that parents can understand as a caricature but children do not.
Katy Perry is a caricature of females in today’s society. Katy Perry does not define herself as reaching out for an audience of children…look at the cover of her album Teenage Dream. She wants the word “Sex” associated with her image. The real error here was with the producers, casting directors, and wardrobe personnel who did not step back and say, “How about this dress instead?” Katy Perry stayed very much in character and, frankly, it would have been a better skit if she and Ms. Piggy re-enacted “I kissed a Girl.”

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5 Responses to “Katy Perry is Too Scandalous for Elmo”

  1. Anne says:

    i like your point that the executive producers should have caught this right off the bat. I do think most parents are over-reacting. i think she just looks like a girl playing dress up. my 6 year old loved wearing lingerie as dress up!

  2. Jewely Hoxie says:

    I feel like many parents over react to things that may be inappropriate for the kid…. when the kid probably wont even notice or care or think of as ‘bad’. When I look back at movies I liked when I was young I don’t even remember the slightly inappropriate parts.

  3. Nora says:

    I agree with Jewely Hoxie: when my daughter was five or so, she and her cousin (same age) watched Young Frankenstein at my house. All the sexual innuendo went right over their heads (they didn’t notice how my husband and I were howling at certain parts of the movie), but they laughed at the slapstick and the other funny stuff. I think it’s the parents who see more in a particular show than the kids do who are the problem.

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