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What My Mom Does For a Living

Picking J up from school this week a teacher brought to my attention that he was talking about what I do for a living with a fellow 3rd-grader and one of the teachers was uncomfortable with the conversation. The teacher did not know what was said and the following conversation with J went like this:
“Your teacher told me that there was a conversation today that took place between you and a friend that was possibly inappropriate. So, do you know what conversation I am referring to?”

“Yeah, I think so…”

“Can you tell me what was said during this conversation?”

“Yeah, my friend was talking about sex and I told him that you know lots about it because you work at Babeland and sell fake crotches.”

“Well, that is not necessarily incorrect. However, I don’t just sell fake crotches. I discuss and help people discover their sexual selves and empower people in their sex lives. Regardless, this is a topic that many adults have a hard time being around and many people believe that this is an adult subject. It is not necessarily inappropriate or wrong, but we all need to respect each others boundaries. So can we please watch what we discuss at school?”

He responded well and understands that a lot of people are not comfortable with discussions of sexuality. He has told me a number of times that he thinks my job is cool and I don’t believe he has shame around what I do. However, I hope that doesn’t change as he continues to get older and deals with society’s discomfort. I’m curious to hear from anyone else in our field how this has turned out for them?!

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2 Responses to “What My Mom Does For a Living”

  1. rachel says:

    This hasn’t happened for me yet, but I’m expecting it. It’s great that your J gets it that other people may be uncomfortable and that it’s not making him feel ashamed. I can so easily imagine having that chat with the teacher or principal at school and being really unhappy. I want everyone to see it my way!!

  2. Adriane says:

    Wow… Sounds like you handled it well. Interestesting situation to be in as a parent as well as for the teacher who had to bring it up to you.

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