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The Internet Filled a Real Need for Sex Ed

In order to illustrate the importance of sex education (and on behalf of SIECUS our fundraising recipient this month), we asked our staff to contribute stories or anecdotes about their own sexual awakening or what kind of sex education they received.

I can recall the first time and as hard as I try to remember I don’t think we actually got it right. My second time was probably my real first intercourse. I was 16-years-old, and we did not use protection. I wish I had known what to say or really what to ask my first partner. I didn’t know who to talk to so I didn’t. I didn’t ask him to wear a condom, I didn’t ask him if he was fluid bonded with other people, and I didn’t ask about his medical history.

Now that I look back I am very thankful that nothing horrible came out of that situation. I didn’t know where to get protection but I did know I couldn’t ask my guardian for one, and back then the message was more like “don’t do it” or “just say no” remember that thinking? All anyone ever really said back then was “you’ll get pregnant, you better not mess with boys.” And I really wish that I had access to a sex educator or a knowledgeable adult at that time, but that was before computers, and access to Planned Parenthood, and even before sex related ads on TV. When I did go to a clinic they put me on birth control pills which I stayed on for many, many years.

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