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Sex Ed Books and Resources

Books for Kids
Recommended for ages 3 to 8
What’s the Big Secret? Laurie Krasny Brown, Ed.D. and Marc Brown

It’s NOT the Stork Robie Harris and Michael Emberley

It’s So Amazing! Robie Harris

It’s My Body (Children’s Safety & Abuse Prevention)  Lory Freeman and Carol Deach

Your Body Belongs to You Cornelia Spelman and Teri Weidner

Recommended for ages 8 and older

The Ask ANYTHING Journal Amy Lang

What’s Happening to Me? Peter Mayle

It’s Perfectly Normal! Robbie Harris

The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls (American Girl Library) Valerie Schaefer

The Girl’s Body Book: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU (Girlsworld)  Kelly Dunham and Laura Tallardy

The Boy’s Body Book: Everything You Need To Know For Growing Up YOU!  Kelly Dunham and Steven Bjorkman

What’s Going on Down There? Answers to Questions Boys Find Hard to Ask Karen Gravelle with Nick and Chava Castro

Recommended ages 14 and older

Changing Bodies – Changing Lives Ruth Bell and others

Body Drama: Real Girls, Real Bodies, Real Issues, Real Answers Nancy Redd

GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Queer and Questioning Teens Kelly Huegel and Steven CozzaDeal With It! By Esther Drill, Heather McDonald & Rebecca Odes

It’s A Girl Thing by Mavis Jukes

My Gender Workbook by Kate Bornstein

S.E.X: Everything You Need to Know Through High School and College by Heather Corrina

Books for Parents and other adults
Birds + Bees + YOUR Kids—A guide to sharing your beliefs about sexuality, love, and relationships Amy Lang, MA

The Talk: What Your Kids Need to Hear from You About Sex Sharon Maxwell, Ph.D.

Protecting the Gift, Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane) Gavin De Becker

Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex by Judith Levine

The Primal Teen – What The New Discoveries About The Teenage Brain Tell Us About Our Kids Barbara Strauch

Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about Their Bodies, Boundaries, and Sexuality Terri Couwenhoven

Recommended Web Sites

Advocates for Youth- demand your right to comprehensive sex education

Glsen – dedicated to safe schools for all gender identities & orientations

Go Ask Alice – sexuality and other questions answered by Health Services at Columbia University

Not 2 Late – Emergency Contraception Information

Outproud – National Coalition for Gay, Lesbianm bisexual, & Transgender youth

Positive – Highly Recommended! The coalition for Positive Sexuality, volunteers tackle teen sexuality topics.

Scarleteen – Highly recommended! Teens swap info & get non-judgemental and frank advise from sexperts.

Sex Etc – a newsletter for and by teens about sexuality

About Face – great web site empowering girls to resist harmful media messages about body image

Gurl – Online community for girls of all persuasions.

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7 Responses to “Sex Ed Books and Resources”

  1. [...] facts of life with him. I think he’d rather swim with sharks than talk about sex, so I give him books. When he was younger I read them to him; now I share other age-appropriate materials (like [...]

  2. Lisa says:

    Are there any books for preschool age kids that discuss gender identity or trans/cis issues? We have It’s Not the Stork, and while it gives a nod to different sorts of families, it enforces the idea that male and female bodies are immutably different, even if behavior is not.

  3. Shannon says:

    There is a coloring book called “girls will be boys will be girls will be…” by jacinta burnell and iriy reinheimer. Soft skull press put it out in 2004 and I am not sure if or where it is still available. It talks about gender stereotypes and not bring boxed in but does not go into trans/cis gender discussion. That is the one I know off the cuff but will keep lookibg

  4. [...] let them know and that you have the above agreement with her. Then suggest that they get her some books on the topic – there are tons on my site, Birds + Bees + [...]

  5. [...] pamphlets, books, and other age-appropriate materials. These are helpful for those times when you can’t quite get [...]

  6. [...] of “heads/shoulders/knees/toes” with their parts) or, even easier, sit down with a book that shows an illustration—my kids loved It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie Harris, because they have cartoon illustrations. [...]

  7. [...] bodies. You don’t have to wait till they stumble on a sex toy on the internet, you can get them a good book or point them to a helpful age-appropriate [...]

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