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Sex Advice to a Teenager

I am humbled by this opportunity to provide my sex advice for teens. Sex is creation, it is not something to be shamed or shunned, but to be respected, understood and honored. I don’t know what kids hear about sex these days. I’m sure it’s a mix of good, mediocre and bad information as it has always been since the beginning of time. I would love to impart to you some little tidbits that I have learned on the topic along my journey. I won’t consider this giving up the secrets because this is a need to know situation. I realize as I write this that many of these suggestions don’t just apply to sex they apply to life.

  • communication is key: talking to your friends and potential partners about what turns you on helps everyone learn about themselves and makes for a much more enjoyable and also genuinely consensual experience. Listening is also sexy, although I know sometimes difficult in our fast paced world.
  • going slow is exciting and makes for a better experience: if you are willing to take the time to make something great it will be.
  • trust is sexy: that said, blind trust of a new “love” can lead to hurt, you should trust your instinct and trust your gut and trust your friends and family too.
  • respect yourself: you are your own keeper and protector. It is really true that your body is your temple and it is the only one that you have so take care of it and..
  • love yourself first: yes! Love it (your body that is!) and all of you. Learn about yourself and what you enjoy.
  • do you: you are young. this is a time of golden opportunities and you will also have many opportunities for yourself in love and romantic relationships along the way. There is no rush to start families at this stage in the game and you will get your chances.
  • think about what you want out of life and what you deserve.
  • make sure you can handle anything that can result from sex; physically, emotionally and mentally before you go there. You might be physically mature but age is not just a number when you or your friends are underage.

A million thanks to the wealth of information that is I recommend the Babeland book Moregasm and the Babeland Bill of Rights as great references as well. Thanks for listening. Best of luck to you in the big bad world and remember to enjoy life!

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  1. Sexy E says:

    As a young person today I would like to say thanks to you and babeland for this article.All young people and even some adults need to read this.

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