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Reality Bites or at Least Knocks Up Teens

This post is my rant on the glorification and exploitation of teen pregnancy in American media. A friend posted a link to this story about teens becoming pregnant to get onto reality television. I don’t even know where to start with the multitude of things that are wrong with this…so I will start with the large amount of responsibility that having a child requires. As someone who got pregnant at 18 I can attest to the level of difficulty that accompanies being a young parent who has their entire life ahead of them. I am now 28 and trying to figure out how I am going to pay for grad school and support a child. It is not easy and 15 minutes in the spotlight is not worth the struggles that come with being a young parent.

I am also curious as to where the parents are. I understand that everyone wants their fame and that most people feel entitled to fame, however, wishing this level of pain and struggling on your child so that you can have fame vicariously is immoral and sick. I will try not to be quite so one sided most of the time but exploiting children (even/especially your own) really makes me angry. There may be other reasons why a parent wants their child to get pregnant than hoping Mtv will pick them up…
Look at Bristol Palin (believe me I am sick of hearing about her too but she makes my point) on Dancing With The Stars. Her fame has come from multiple mishaps but she has managed to maintain in the spotlight to the point where she has proven that she has no talent, yet still continues to not be voted off. America loves a train wreck. Musician Ben Folds and author Nick Hornby have teemed up and written an album together. They wrote a song using Levi Johnston’s Myspace page as lyrics. I recommend trying to find it (as of writing it there were some bad bootlegs on Youtube) and listening to the disparity of a teen in that situation who doesn’t want the spotlight and what we are seeing in the media.

Lastly, I just want to know why we as a society have come to a point where people are purposefully harming themselves and their children so that they can be a glorified train wreck. I know that there has been some format for this behavior for as long as I have been conscious of television but it has gone from daytime talk shows to most of the programming that is coming out…well, reality shows and mockumentary office comedies that is. We need to take a step back and see what this behavior is teaching the younger generations and ask what we really want for them. How about we just mesh them and create The Real World: Teen Moms and the Cougars from Orange Beach who stole their Baby Daddy.

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