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My Favorite Sex Ed Moments

There are so many moments of confusion, misinformation, and funny questions that came up during my childhood that I can’t help but wonder how I managed to sort out the bulk of it and become a sex positive, well-rounded, happy adult. I figured I would create a montage of the moments that really stuck with me from my childhood:
- In third grade I was playing with a noise maker and walked over to my dog, blew it near her face and said, “How was that blowjob?” Needless to say, my mom was shocked and probably had to hold back from laughing a little. She did not at that point explain what a blow job was but instead she said that it was inappropriate language and I should not repeat it again.

- During sex ed in eighth grade, the girl who was considered the school slut raised her hand and asked if she could get pregnant by swallowing semen during a blow job. Once, the snickering died down, the teacher explained the logistics of pregnancy to the class and then politely added, “If you are unsure of the risks involved with your actions, maybe you aren’t ready to be doing them.” That sentence has resonated in so many more ways than just sex.

- Having a conversation with a friend in high school about anal sex she asked if I had ever tied it because it made her feel like she was constipated and she couldn’t understand why someone would enjoy that. I wish I was equipped with the knowledge I have now because I just said, “I guess it’s not for everyone.”

The comedy and pivotal learning moments that came from these experiences have made these stories ones that I look back on fondly as I now bust myths and discuss sex with people everyday at work.

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