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Mom Taught Me Where Babies Come From

This post comes from a Babeland colleague, Tanya:

When I was about five-years-old  I asked my mom “where do babies come from?”. She sat me down and explained all about the penis going into the vagina and how sperm comes out and travels to an egg and all this other technical stuff. She also made sure to tell me that sometimes people do this same activity just for fun because it is  enjoyable to both people.  I said “okay” and went about my business of coloring.

As I got older, I realized that most other parents didn’t talk about sex at all to their children, which seemed to create a great sense of mystery and curiosity in kids.  As a teenager, I realized how dangerous this was.  Since my friends didn’t know much about sex and had no one to talk to, they decided they would figure it out on their own.  They were more tempted to believe rumors like you couldn’t get pregnant if you were a virgin, or that couldn’t get STDs if the person looks clean.  A lot of my friends found out the truth the hard way, and had kids at a young age, contracted an STD, or were even emotionally hurt when they discovered that sex was way too much for them to handle so young.

All of my knowledge and the comfortable way that my mom talked about sex helped to make me safe, not only physically but emotionally.  Her parents did not tackle this topic with her and she decided to change this all on her own, believing that suppressing sex information is far more damaging than talking about it.

Tanya told her mom about this post, and her mom contributed her thoughts too:
“I really don’t remember how old you and your brother were, but there was a very good show by a pediatrician on TV that we all watched together.  It showed the sperm swimming towards the egg and we discussed it afterwards and I also told you both about masturbation. I  feel the human body is a beautiful thing and nothing to be ashamed of.  Sex between two consenting people, at an appropriate age (same or opposite gender), done responsibly, should be a wonderful and enjoyable experience.”

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