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Lesbians Make Great Parents

The journal Pediatrics, just published a study that shows that children raised by lesbians might be benefiting from the experience. Turns out that these queer spawn are scoring higher than kids in straight families in self-esteem and confidence, and they do better academically and are less likely to have behavior problems like aggression.

According to this same study 41% of these kids had to deal with some amount of teasing or discrimination because of their family makeup.

Every year my lesbian family goes off to queer family camp, which I think is great for my kid- being around other families like his gives him something to draw on when the straight family kids ask him why he has two moms. Last week one of these straight family kids told him he should trade one of his moms in for a dad. When my son told me about it that night he was pretty upset.

I reminded him of our camp song “My Family Makes Me Strong,” and I think it helped. Maybe it’s dealing with incidents like this that ultimately instills confidence in our kids.

As part of explaining his unusual family, w0e let him know how much we wanted a child, and how loved he is, and we help him deal with having a family that’s different from most of his peers. He loves us and knows he is loved, and we try to teach him to know who he is by looking in at his heart and not from external validation. It can be a struggle now, but maybe it pays off in the long run.

I’d like to think so.

There are lots of potential reasons why the study showed these flattering results: chosen children (no broken condoms here!), two moms = twice the nurturing, super DNA from artisanal sperm banks, differences in geography and race among the study subjects and the American norm, study funded by left wing homophile satan worshippers, to name a few.

Personally I don’t believe it’s anything inherent to lesbians or women (Heidi Stevens makes this point nicely in the Chicago Tribune), but there can be benefits to growing up with some challenges- namely the resilience those challenges develop.

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