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Glee’s Madonna Tribute: My Sex Ed TV Moment

Anyone who watched this week’s Glee episode, could not help but revel in the song and dance Madonna tribute, the highlight of which was undoubtedly the Vogue video knock off (see below) with cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (played by out lesbian Jane Lynch) as the Material Girl herself. But my aha moment came unexpectedly during the performance of what was never one of my favorite Madonna songs, Like a Virgin.

The song follows three different couples getting ready for a night of deflowering (not all the virgins are girls, and not all are teens either). I was prepared for this to seem really cliche, but the way the writers pulled it off left me both happy and humbled. The couples sang to each other in their separate bedrooms as they pranced around in various states of sexy dress. The harmonies from all six performers flowed in an out from each other, making you feel a little bit like a voyeur at an erotic dance party.

But it was the laughter, joy, and sheer exuberance the characters found in each other, and let’s face it, the song, that was so infectious. And really sexy. One minute I had been anxious about my thirteen-year-old watching three characters lose their virginity in the span of three minutes, and the next minute I was happy that she was going to see them do it with joy in their hearts and springs in their steps! First-times are not routinely depicted as fun events, and I was downright grateful that this was how the writers chose to play it.

Then, there was a plot twist, which I won’t spoil. But suffice it to say that after being initially disappointed, I found myself appreciating the authenticity of the story. And my daughter loved it and could not miss the overall message the writers conveyed in the Madonna tribute: that girls are strong, powerful, sexy, and deserve respect.

They call Glee fans Gleeks, which I guess I officially am since this is the second post the show has inspired (the first was about the gay character). How can you go wrong with a positive social message, put to a catchy song and dance routine?!

Here is the Vogue spoof with Jane Lynch:

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4 Responses to “Glee’s Madonna Tribute: My Sex Ed TV Moment”

  1. Rachel says:

    I love Jane Lynch, and love teen angst, but the singing on that show is too cheesy for me.

    But anything that gives a fresh view of de-flowering gets an Emmy from me. The cultural baggage around the “first time’ is way too heavy.

    I haven’t thought about it as a Mom yet (I see how with a 13 year old you are There), but just as a person it seems too cause so much stress and pain.

    What do I want for my kid? Around this- fun, frolic, happiness, hopefully some awe at the connection with another person…

    But not that he expect to wake up “different.”

  2. Shanny says:

    I was so excited to watch this episode. I really enjoy this show and I loved that the messages were so clear and the feelings were so real. I wish that my niece watched the show so that I could call and talk to a young girl about how she took the messages.

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