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Dad’s Advice to His Son: Puberty

This is the next installment in a series of posts written by one of our readers, a dad who shares his experience talking to his son about sex. Enjoy!

Puberty: Ejaculation, Periods, and all that Jizz

I told Adam more than the basics when it came to talk of puberty and what happens to girls and guys when it hits. I asked him if his penis ever got hard, and he admitted it had. I said there was a very fun, frustrating reason for erections, and that was because his body was getting him ready to procreate (I saved the discussion about homosexuality for the end of the discussion, as this whole sex talk was obviously blowing his mind). My laptop was open and had tasteful illustrations of the male and female sex organs. I commenced the “insert tab A into slot B” part, and it was great watching him connect the dots. Being his stepfather (we’re adopting him this summer) I was relieved he took this in stride, although he admitted not knowing anything about the process before hand.

Then came the, uh…coming part. I told him about the prostate, and how it pumps ejaculate out of the erect penis during orgasm. We discussed the sperm and egg cells, and how they hook up in a woman’s body to create life. More ‘I’s were dotted. He asked why anyone would ever do that, and I told him it feels really, really, good to have an orgasm. Being a recovering addict, I related orgasm to a safe, legal high he could experience most any time he wanted for the rest of his life, when it finally happened. Then, I took out one of my wife’s tampons, and started talking about what happens when the egg isn’t fertilized, which led into a chat about menstruation.

When it came to telling my son about how to treat girls and women, I explained female biology as it related to the menstrual cycle. We talked about how for some girls the onset of menstruation can be confusing, scary and embarrassing. I related how his mom felt about her period starting, and the lack of information she had from her mom. The big message here was respect and empathy. In the end, I asked him if he would like to wear a pad or tampon in or around his anus. He said he wouldn’t at all. I then told him to cut girls slack when it comes to menstruation. He said it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

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