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Condom On a Sock Demo

In order to illustrate the importance of sex education (and on behalf of SIECUS our fundraising recipient this month), we asked our staff to contribute stories or anecdotes about their own sexual awakening or what kind of sex education they received.

B writes:

I remember getting my first condom demonstration in school. I was 17 and I had Mr. Brown as my health teacher. He was my high school’s baseball coach and a gym teacher. We actually had a demonstration from a Planned Parenthood representative. We were taught about all types of birth control from abstinence to Implanon. Even though we had condoms to pass around they still weren’t allowed to show us how to put an actual condom on. Mr. Brown rolled up a sock in a very condom-like maker and put it over his fist. He even made sure to show us to pinch the tip.

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