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Boobs are Not “Yucky”

We all know that, right? Boobs are lovely and nourishing and sweet and tender. Statistics show that pretty much everyone loves them (loves to click on them at least).

So why, then, does my 11-year-old give me that look when she catches me in the middle of our small apartment changing my shirt. “‘eeeewwwwww” is the only way to describe it. Well,  I don’t let that slide…

Me: What’s that face for? Boobs are not yucky.

Bean: (something like:) Yeah yeah whatever…

Me: I’m serious. Boobs are awesome!

Bean: OK, why?

Me: OK well hands down best argument ever… They feed brand new babies and babies are the cutest thing in the world! Right?!

Bean: … yeah you’re right…

I’m pretty sure she moved on with her day after I let her drop it. But this quick little conversation made me think quite a bit. About how during October we all have boobs on the brain because it’s  breast cancer awareness month and the mainstream has taken up this great cause. It seems like all kinds of products and companies are behind this cause. At Babeland we are donating all month long to Young Survival Coalition.

I love this little contest one of our affiliates is having to talk about what it is we like about boobs. I personally love all kinds of breasts and find them both lovely and useful. I hope to keep mine healthy and happy and teach the kids not to have shame around our bodies, but to understand them and love them. I love my boobies and they are a lot of things, but yucky isn’t one of them!

Here are links to some of my favorite products being featured during Pink October buy one or two or three… and 10% of your sale goes to YSC, plus you receive a free Babeland Buzz and great boobie karma!

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