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Best Sex Advice from Mom

In our recent Facebook survey we asked what was the best piece of sex advice folks got when they were young and who gave it to them. Here’s one of my faves, from Nekele: “When I told my mom a boyfriend was pressuring me to have sex with him (I was 14), she said to me, “you have a gift to give to someone. Make sure they are worthy of that gift.” She taught me it was sacred! Thank you mom!”

What I love about what Nekele’s Mom’s message is that sex is good (a gift), and that Nekele should really think about if she wants to do it with that person. So much of what kids hear about sex is that it’s bad and dirty and dangerous, and no, no no! Yet it’s compelling at the same time, after all, it’s a basic biological drive. The result of that internal conflict is a lot of kids drinking and otherwise checking out of their early sexual experiences.

I want my kid to be conscious and “checked in.” So while I probably wouldn’t go so far as to say that a potential partner has to be “worthy,” I do want to get the message across that sex is powerful and important. And of course stay true to my message that it is also good, and fun and common and delightful.

So thanks Nekele’s Mom, for giving me a starting point to find my own words.

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