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Ask O’s All-Stars: Should You Circumcize?

So episode 4 of Oprah’s All Stars has a lesbian couple asking the panel (Suze Orman, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and moderator Gayle King) if they should circumcize their (soon to be born) son. Thank you Oprah, for getting the pregnant lesbians on the show- you are doing great with the lesbo representation! Having awkwardly-out Suze Orman there added an element of ridiculousness, as she squealed when Dr. Oz asked her to hold his demo penis/sock puppet. Add to that oft-accused lesbian Gayle King’s repeated and irrelevant insistence that cut cocks “look better” and it was a bit of a circus.

I have no opinion on whether Gayle and Oprah are lovers or not, but I do have an opinion on circumcision. I think our bodies are created perfectly and that all of our parts are there for a reason. Our medical establishment has a habit of thinking that they are improving nature’s design. For example doctors used to prophylactically remove appendixes and tonsils with cavalier abandon. But it turns out that both of these organs likely serve immunological functions.

Similarly the foreskin has a purpose, which is protecting the extremely sensitive head of the penis. Circumcised men lose sensation in this area from the constant friction of rubbing against things. Pleasure is good, and I want my children to have full access to the pleasures of the body.

The current medical argument for circumcision is that germs can get trapped between the foreskin and the penis and thus pass infections on to sexual partners. But if men wash themselves that solves that problem. Teaching basic hygiene seems like a better idea that genital surgery as a form of prevention.

Some people opt for circumcision as part of their religion. I respect that, and I believe the religious purpose of it is a symbol of sacrifice. It’s a symbol of a covenant with god, and giving up some pleasure probably is a good symbol of obedience to a higher authority. No doubt religious scholars have lots to say on the meaning of circumcision, so please look into that if you want more info.

A lot of circumcised men have a lot to say about it too. Try googling male circumcision and you’ll get a raging debate.

If in doubt, leave it for your son to decide. He can always do it later if it’s important to him. Meanwhile, he can have full enjoyment of his penis.

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3 Responses to “Ask O’s All-Stars: Should You Circumcize?”

  1. JF says:

    As a surgeon who has done circumcisions on infants and adult males, the suggestion that you can leave it to them to decide later is ridiculous. It is an incredibly painful recovery for adults or even adolescents and is done in this setting typically only for infections that require it so as to save the rest of the penis.

    As a rule, surgeons don’t remove an appendix here or there just to operate. And yes, there are some bad apples, just like any profession. The argument that the body is perfect just the way it is argues we shouldn’t fix cleft palates in children or do cesearean sections on women when the fetus is in distress or simply can’t fit through the birth canal – as is an increasing problem as birthweights have steadily increased at much greater rates than the size of female pelvises.

  2. Lauren Stone says:

    NO! Don’t circumcise the baby! first and most obvious reason, IT’S NOT YOUR PENIS! It’s HIS BODY and he has the basic human right to a whole body. If the baby was girl would you cut her genitals? If no, then the same applies to a boy. Just as LGBT people have (or should have basic human rights), so too should children whether they are male, female or intersexed.
    Circumcision is PAINFUL, Dangerous and unnecessary. The only thing you need to remember is to NOT retract the foreskin. Clean what is seem. It’s that simple to care for an intact baby boy. Just wash the outside, like you would with a girl. Retracting the foreskin causes damage to the glans that it is fused to. Like your fingernail is fused to your finger.
    Boris you are right in one sense, if you removed all the external genitalia of a girl she would be loosing 8 – 12,000 specialized fine touch nerve endings. When you remove a male foreskin they loose 20 – 70,000 of those same specialized nerve endings and up to 50% of the overall penile skin. The foreskin contains THE MOST sensitive nerves in the entire male body.
    Take the WHOLE baby home, protect him, love him and have a great fun filled life!

  3. Many thanks for making this site wonderful, I seriously value all of the hard work that goes into this website.

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