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Activist, Educator, and Parent

As a single mother whose life calling is sexuality education, I often find it difficult to balance an activist agenda and allowing for my child to be socially capable in his elementary school setting. We had one of these moments on Sunday walking down the street to rent movies. J looks over at me and says, “Why do I get nervous when I try to say certain words?”
“What kind of words honey?”
“Well, like…can I just spell it? S.E.X.”

My mind started to pull out the soap box, but I stopped myself from taking the tirade approach and explained that many people do not feel that sex is appropriate topic of conversation for a seven year old and that he always has a safe, non-judgmental place to bring his questions.

If it is hard for me to find the right words then it must be really difficult for parents who do not talk about sex all day. I am grateful for resources like Amy Lang and the sexy mom events at Babeland to allow for parents to feel successful when talking to their children.

These moments always leave me feeling like I have only done half of my job because I want him to grow up and understand that sex is a wonderful and natural act that does not hold shame. I try and teach him that he is free to live and be in his own body and yet, I get phone calls from school that he said the word penis in class…hopefully he will take all of these experiences and make healthy decisions.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Penis is not a bad word! Keep doing what you do- hopefully he’ll not only make good decisions for himself, but be able to help other kids in his orbit be more positive about sexuality.

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