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What Our Moms Taught Us About Sex

Here’s what some of our fellow Babelanders learned from their moms about sex:

“My mom gave me only one line of advice ever about sex “You are too smart to do something stupid.” It’s extremely vague and can be interpreted/mis-interpreted in so so many ways but I find that it has been very sage advice. It has served as a lifetime gut check and has stopped me from more than one potentially bad situation/experience. Thanks Mom!!”

“When I was 17 my mother asked me if I was sexually active.  When I expressed that I indeed was, her first response was, “Do you know that lube can make it more comfortable and enjoyable?”

“When I was 13 I learned that masturbation was okay from a book my friend Jessica’s mom had given to her.  Jessica was talking about touching herself and liking it and me and some other girls were like “eww…gross.  You do that?”  and she was like “yeah! My mom gave me this book and it says it’s okay.”  And we all thought “well, if it is in a book…then it must be true”.  I just remember us all sitting on the top bunk of her bed reading about it and her mom came in to check on us, and I thought “Oh no! we have been caught”  but she knew we had the book (after all she gave it to Jessica) and she just asked if we wanted snacks and said they would be ready downstairs when we wanted them.  I learned that it was okay to masturbate and to not  be ashamed about it from Jessica’s mom and have been happily doing it ever since.”

“After my sister inquired about what those “spots” were on my mom’s bed sheets (menstrual blood stains) mom decided it was time to sit us down and explain. She whipped out her first edition copy of Our Bodies Our Selves and flipped to the pages with the line drawings and showed us everything. We promptly practiced what we had seen with our Barbie dolls. Eventually mom knew that it was time to give me a refresher course but knew that I was not receptive to talking directly with her so she left an age appropriate question and answer-style book in the living room for me to stumble upon. It worked because I read it cover to cover (in fact it’s quite possible it was my first erotica).”

“My mom did not tell me about sex ever…I grew up on a farm in Idaho so I saw animals mating frequently and figured it out on my own and picked up information from my peers.”

“The last time I visited my mother in North Carolina I brought her a Goodie bag from Babeland! She got a Laya Spot, a vibrating cock ring (the Screaming O), some Babelube and the book Better Then I Ever Expected. My mom and I never talked about sex growing up but she was so excited to get the gifts and I have a feeling her expectations are going to being met!”

Read how other moms were influenced by their moms, or comment here on your own experience. For all comments posted during May, you’ll be entered to win prizes!

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