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This Mother’s Day, Our Moms Tell All!

In honor of mother’s day, we’re paying homage to the sexual journeys of our mothers. We at Babeland asked our moms to tell us what they learned about sex growing up, and how that helped or hindered their ability to talk to their own kids about sex. We’ll run their stories here.

We invite you, if you’re a mom, (or are even just the cool, approachable older adult to some lucky kid), to tell us how your own sexual upbringing has influenced your relationship with your kids. Or if you’re another writer, please send us your story or link to this thread on Moms in Babeland. We’ll draw a winner at random on June 1, from all the posts and links we receive from now till the end of May, and send the lucky recipient a well-reviewed MiMi vibrator.

Here are a few questions you can answer, or you can send your mom:

  • What was your sexual awakening was like?
  • MiMi, $80--Win Her!

    What kind of sex ed did you receive if any, and how did this help or hinder your own attempts to talk to your kids about sex?

  • What did you learn about sex from your mom that you later learned was not true?
  • What was the best piece of advice you received from your mom about sex?
  • Is there anything you now wish you’d told your kids about sex?
  • Would you like to share any anecdotes about parenting and sex, sexuality, or sex ed that you recall?

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