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Can You Say Scrotum in Spanish?

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked our own moms to tell us what they learned about sex. Meet AD’s 43-year-old aunt, a public school teacher and mother, who taught our coworker how to say ‘scrotum’ in Spanish.

AD: What kind of sex ed did you receive?
Aunt: I was raised in Puerto Rico so you know how strict my parents were. Thank God I have two sisters who explained lots of things to me while we were growing up.  Sex wasn’t a topic discussed by my parents.  I took sex ed in 8th grade and 12th grade, which was very funny. When I had to study, I had to lock myself in a room–if my dad or mom saw the pictures in the book and the notes I took they would have killed me. LOL.

AD: What did you learn about sex from your mom, if anything?
Aunt: She said boys only want one thing and then they are gone, leaving you with a kid.

AD: What was the best piece of advice she received from her mom about sex
Aunt:From my mom: “nada”. From my sisters: “Think before you do anything, think about the consequences.”

AD: Do you want to share any anecdotes about parenting and sex, sexuality, or sex

Aunt: Being a mother is one of the best things in the world.  You know how much I adore your little cousin.  Now that he’s older we have to keep things “quiet” and “time” a lot of things because you never know when he’s going to start calling “Mom”, I need you.

AD’s note: I was shocked to hear the lack of sex education she had. I was shocked because I feel like my Aunt has come so far in her life in that respect. I know my aunt is very open-minded and I could ask her anything. Heck she even taught me how to say prostate, scrotum and g-spot en Espanol! She has been nothing but supportive about my career at Babeland. As a person who has no parents I must say my Aunt is a great person to look up to. I love her with all my heart.

We invite you, if you’re a mom, (or are even just the cool, approachable older adult to some lucky kid), to tell us how your own sexual upbringing has influenced your relationship with your kids. Or if you’re another writer, please send us your story or link to  Moms in Babeland. We’ll draw a winner at random from all the posts and links we receive and send the lucky recipient a MiMi vibrator. You can give it to your mom!

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