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Birds, Bees, and…Napkins

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked our own moms to tell us what they learned about sex. Meet M’s grandmother, 72-year-old “Mamaw” in part 2 of her interview (see part 1).

M: Did your sex education, or lack thereof, hinder what you wanted to, or wished you had told your kids?
Mamaw: I wanted to be more open with my kids but I didn’t know how to go about it. You know, someone told your mom about how babies came from seeds when she was pretty young and one time her uncle gave the girls seeds to pant in the new garden. When he gave a small handful of seeds to your mom and told her they were bean seeds, she asked if they were planting babies.

M: What did you talk to your kids about?
Mamaw: Your mom was about 6, and there was a box of Kotex the girls had gotten into. Your aunt Kim had to have been 4 and she tried to read the package, she said..  “n.a.p.k.i.n.s… napkins… where do you put the fork and knife???’”I laughed, I didn’t respond about what they were, they were so young. They just knew they were mine. Also, Kim walked in on me and your Grandpa when we were having sex and said “Boy y’all sleep funny!!!”

We invite you, if you’re a mom, (or are even just the cool, approachable older adult to some lucky kid), to tell us how your own sexual upbringing has influenced your relationship with your kids. Or if you’re another writer, please send us your story or link to  Moms in Babeland. We’ll draw a winner at random from all the posts and links we receive and send the lucky recipient a MiMi vibrator. You can give it to your mom!

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