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Rihanna Needs Babeland’s Vibrella

Babeland's Vibrella

Babeland’s just released the ultimate “vibrator in disguise”: the Vibrella. The functional umbrella boasts a removable vibrating handle that magically transforms the pattern of raindrops into vibrations!

This crazy sexcessory is bound to tickle the fancy of multi-tasking moms, “Singing in the Rain” buffs, tech-geeks, and of course, anyone who’s tapped their feet to Rihanna’s pop sensation “Umbrella” (-ella, -ella, -ella).

And speaking of Rihanna, you can check her out on the cover of Rolling Stone this week—in a sneak peak of the article she offers this pearl, which I would definitely file under the heading: Things Mom Never Taught You: “Don’t go into a sex toy store tipsy.”

Help me out here readers, how would you finish that sentence, because I want to know why, and they don’t say in the excerpt!. My fill-in-the-blanks:

Don’t go into a sex toy store when you’re tipsy…

…because when you’re three sheets to the wind your eyes will always be bigger than your stomach

…because you might find a toy that’s more satisfying than your latest boyfriend
…because you might get snapped by the paparazzi while singing Umbella in the rain with a Vibrella

What say you??

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