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Moms’ Best Sex Toys

These toys (and more) are available from When you click on the toy name you will be taken to the Babeland web site.

Rabbit Habit Vibrator
Consider giving this (discreetly of course) at the baby shower of your next pregnant friend. Made famous by its appearance on Sex and the City, it’s just so sexy and glamorous it doesn’t look at all like an appliance or a fake phallus. But its real charm comes from the design–it has a rotating shaft meant for insertion, with balls inside that kind offer extra internal stimulation. Attached to the shaft is a little bunny, whose ears flick and vibrate the clit at the same time. The dildo-with-clit-vibe combo is great during those nine months when a mom’s desire levels can shift from “bring it on, bring it all on” to “just a light touch please.”

hitachi magic wandHitachi Vibrator
I know moms like their appliances, and this name-brand “massager” will bring you more joy than any front-load washer or Dyson vacuum. With its super strong vibration, the Hitachi can get you off in seconds—great for those times when you just want a quick-but-satisfying come before bedtime. If your clit gets a little desensitized after childbirth, the Hitachi will wake it back up. The long handle and big head make it great for lying on top of or maneuvering between two people, the perfect toy if you’re trying to accommodating a pregnant belly (and can be added to the Love Bumper pillow for extra comfort).

fleshlightFleshlight Sleeve
This is a man’s toy, and what I love almost more than what a great toy it is, is the simple fact that it was invented by a man whose wife was on bed rest while she was pregnant. It is the perfect gift for a partner, delivered with the delicate but heartfelt sentiment “honey, I’m just not in the mood, but you go off and have a good time with this great toy and your stack of porn.” It’s a sleeve-type toy, lined with a material which is the closest thing to human flesh ever invented.

babelube siliconeBabeLube Silicone Lubricant
If you do not own lube, this should be your very first purchase as a new mom or mom-to-be. Your natural wetness can disappear as a result of your shifting hormones, so make your life much easier, and exceedingly more pleasant, by keeping lubricant on hand. This lube has silicone in it, which means it will last much longer than regular lubes (but you can also get the water-based version). Why not become a lube connoisseur by trying the lube sampler pack.

duet cock ringDuet Cock Ring Vibrator
This little toy offers a big boost for women like me who don’t come from penetration alone. The stretchy cock ring slips over a guy’s penis (or a partner’s dildo) so that during intercourse, the vibrator flicks the woman’s clit. It’s a great way to introduce your male partner to the joys of vibrations, and bypass that “he’s jealous of my sex toy” thing altogether.

we vibeWe-Vibe
Perhaps no single sex toy has done more for couples’ sex lives that the We-Vibe, which has only been around for a couple of years. Another vibrator designed to help women who need extra stimulation while fucking; this toy is worn by the woman, and is small enough to stay in place without using your hands. It’s hard to describe, so watch the video! Small, discreet, and innovative, if you buy just one couple’s toy, make it this one.

gigi vibratorGiGi Vibrator
Finding and stimulating your G-Spot is so much easier with the help of a curved toy, and the GiGi quickly became a Babeland staff favorite, thanks to its elegance, strong vibration, and colorful body. If you need tips, try this G-spot how to, or pick up the Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-spot.

duckie vibratorThe Duckie, the Hello Kitty, the Lipstick Vibrators
For the mom who does not want to be busted by her kids or her family “finding” a vibrator, the answer is to hide one in plain sight. These “discreet vibrators” are disguised as everyday objects (and in some cases kids’ toys, which you may find highly amusing or mildly freakish, depending on your sense of humor or perhaps your nostalgia for Sanrio). In any event, these make great gifts for new moms, as they’re great for breaking the ice.

babeland smart ballsBabeland Smart Balls, or the Kegelcisor
If you had a vaginal delivery, you are going to want to get those PC muscles back in shape. A lax PC muscle can result in weaker orgasms, and can also result in the old “oops I sneezed and peed a little” embarrassment. Babeland has a great how-to on learning to exercise the PC muscle, and having a toy like the Smart Balls or the Kegelcisor on hand can make things easier and more fun.

babeland body kitBabeland Body Kit
You’ll never want to have sex if you’re uptight and tense. So take the time to create a sensual experience for yourself, or have your partner do it. A long soak with your favorite bubble bath, a delightful massage, a luxurious foot rub—just go for it. Use your own sensuals, or try the Babeland Body Kit, which includes bath fizzies, candles, massage oil, a small vibrator, and condoms, so you’ll be relaxed and rejuvenated!

She Comes First Kit: “She always comes first at Babeland.” This is the perfect kit to spoil a busy mom and give her little goodies to play with and come back to when she has rare moments of ‘me’ time. Includes a The Best Selling Book: She Comes First, Bablenad Nubby G and Buzz Vibes, Silky Blindfold to help the rest of the world disappear, yummy BabeLicious Lube, and a Babeland Body Massage Candle. This kit has the potential to make mom happy after many a long day.

Condomcondom sampler pack Sampler Pack
Family planning can be a simple as having condoms stashed in all your hot spots—the bedside table, your purse, the spare bedroom, the bathroom—you get the idea. Experiment with the Sampler Pack to find the one you like the best.

Books About Your Sex Life

moregasmMoregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mindblowing Sex
By Babeland owners Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah, this is a great sex manual for all ages.

sexy mamas bookSexy Mamas: Keeping Your Sex Life Alive While Raising Kids
By Anne Semans (Babeland’s Marketing Director) and Cathy Winks, this is a great book to help you integrate your sex life with your mom life.

These toys (and more) are available from When you click on the toy you will be taken to the Babeland web site.

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