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Meow! Hello Kitty Vibe on Sale

Fellow moms, if there are any Hello Kitty fans among you, it is my duty to tell you that the Hello Kitty vibrator is now on sale at Babeland at 25% off. I’m not suggesting you get your kids a vibrator, but I am aware that there are tons of you who hold a secret nostalgia for the Hello Kitty goodies of your youth and this is your chance to get yourself a toy that’s good for a laugh and a buzz. I picked one of these up a year ago when they were re-released and showed it to my mom friends, who found it nothing short of hysterically funny.

I know some of you are completely unable to relate, and that’s ok. I recently did an interview with a journalist who could barely disguise her disgust over this toy, insisting that it was Sanrio’s attempt to get tweens to buy sex toys. Nope, I said, it’s a novelty toy, and Sanrio accidentally discovered the marketability of a good vibe-in-disguise. Plenty of everyday objects have been appropriated as vibrators (there are vibrators that look like lipstick, some like pens, some like rubber ducky bath toys). It makes sense that moms might like these because we tend to be more concerned about our toys getting discovered, and this lets us hide them in plain sight. Plus, I think moms take their vibrators less seriously than some, because hey, we pick up toys all day long, and this one’s ours at least. Sure the cutesy factor may creep some people out, but that just means this toy is not their cup of tea. The Rabbit Habit vibrator, which earned mainstream acceptance after a star turn on Sex and the City, is part of a line of Japanese sex toys that for decades have been modeled after various animals, so clearly there’s something to be said for the appeal of these whimsical vibes.

A year ago we ran a contest inviting people to photograph their Hello Kitty vibrator out in the world, and you’ve got to see the slideshow we put together. Plus, the day I took my Hello Kitty out on a hike with a mom friend, and we posed her in the wildflowers, in a beat up car, and in a lighthouse, was one of those beautiful times when my work and personal lives were delightfully in synch.

So what about it? Wanna pet your kitty?

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