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7 Sexy Ways to Use Lube

Babelanders offers sexy non-traditional ways to use personal lubricant (for funny non-sexual uses, see this post):

  1. Use Babelube as makeup. Dab a little onto your lips; it will double as lip gloss, giving them a nice shine, and then when you offer up a blow job later, your lips are already primed with extra slipperiness.
  2. Use lube to enhance erogenous zones. Babelube silicone can be used as a moisturizing lotion on sensitive and dry skin. Rub a little Babelube silicone on your hands, arms, and legs and impress your lover with how soft your skin feels.
  3. Use lube for foreplay. Silicone lube doubles nicely as a massage oil, plus the silver lining is you can go right from a erotic massage into penetration with it.
  4. Use lube to sexy up safer sex. Dab a little Inside a latex glove. Without lube, latex gloves can require tugging and pulling to get on, but with a little lube placed on the hand before putting on the glove, it slides right on. You’ll also find that you feel what’s going on with your fingers better too.
  5. Use lube to enhance sensation: Make sure to put a drop or two of lube in the tip of the condom before putting it on. It slides around on the head of the penis and feel oh so much better for the guy for sure.
  6. Use lube to do your own sex research. Don your best Kinsey lab coat, invest in a lube sampler pack, and have fun testing out several different kinds of lube all in one night. Rate them yourself on things like “slipperiness,” “taste,” “duration,” and “most likely to be used by a celebrity!”

Not sure what kind to get? This Lube Guide can help, or buy a Sliquid Lube Cube and you can experiment with different kinds, plus $2 of your purchase goes to Immigration Equality.

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  1. [...] Our staff also came up with sexy but still non-traditional ways to use lube. [...]

  2. I never knew there were such great ways to use lube other than the obvious! I actually did number 6 once, when I was doing a review of a new lubricant. I wanted to see how it stacked up to others.

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