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Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Meet the Author!

Danielle Cavallucci, co-author of Your Orgasmic Pregnancy, shares some tips with MIB readers:

MIB: Why did you choose the title “Your Orgasmic Pregnancy?”

Danielle: We wanted to cue women and their partners in to the notion that pregnancy can be sexy, ripe, bursting with fun. We wanted to empower people to change their perception that pregnancy is a stodgy, boring physical states or that one must be anything less than vital and orgasmic during pregnancy.

MIB: Can you share a couple of tips on how women can have more sexually-fulfilling pregnancies?

Danielle: The #1 issue for most couples is their failure to communicate honestly and openly about insecurties and myths. Usually, once you’ve been brave enough to open up and let your partner know how afraid you are or how unattractive you may feel, your partner will either quell these with the truth of their opposing opinion — usually male partners’ fires are stoked, not dampened — and will forge a greater measure of intimacy and trust. How can you feel sexually fulfilled if you’re not being seen inside and out?

The second key is to “just do it.” Oftentimes, during and outside of pregnancy, we can get into the habit of not being intimate. We’re too lazy to overcome the minor barriers of overwhelm and stress to learn that their best antidote is actually sex and sensual contact. It reduces stress, elevates mood, decreases pain, improves your quality of repose and creates a stronger bond between mother and partner.

MIB: What are the biggest myths associated with sex during pregnancy?
Danielle: The biggest and funniest is that the baby will come into contact with the penis or any other sexual object inserted into the mother’s vagina. This is absolutely impossible. Some other funny myths surround orgasm. Many believe that a mother’s orgasm can expedite labor, when the truth is that those who remain sexually active are more likely to go to term. Others believe that ingesting seminal emissions will harm the fetus or the mother during pregnancy. In fact, studies have shown that women who ingest the ejaculate of their child’s father have a significantly decreased risk of pre-eclampsia and other disorders associated with the mother’s body rejecting the fetus as a “foreign object.” Thoughts on the reasoning point to the notion that the father’s genes carried into the mother via stomach make her body used to the part of the baby’s genes unidentical to her own.

MIB: Do you recommend any sex toys?


  • Freestyle - this wonderful item plugs right into your iPod and gives good vibrations synched to the sounds of your lover’s playlist.
  • A waterproof vibrator which can be used in a shower or bath, solo or synched with your partner’s play is a great one for pregnant women to toy with
  • A clit vibrator is great for all women, all the time. Try one with a variable speed ratio to adjust the intensity to your clitoral preferences. The increased bloodflow to the pelvic cradle during pregnancy can make the Clit super sensitive!
  • A double cock ring vibe – a flexible, vibrating ring slipped over the base of the penis gives good vibrations to both partners.
  • Feather ticklers and massage oils can be great enhancers for your sensual massage. Mothers-to-be always enjoy and benefit from a good massage, especially one that ends in orgasm. Here’s to full release!!

As with any sex toy, one should take care not to swap them with their partner or between orifices without proper cleaning. Read the instructions on your toy’s package to ensure that you’re using the proper cleaning method, as certain soaps and cleansers can cause a dangerous breakdown of latex sex toys.

MIB: Any advice for partners during this time?
Danielle: Be nice! Take nothing personally. Admit your mistakes, fears and hopes. Just do it!! Get out of your head, into your body (and hers) and enjoy this wonderfully sensual experience!! Oh – & buy Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know.

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