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Live Sex in a College Class

By now you may have heard of the Northwestern professor who offered his Human Sexuality class the opportunity to stay after class one day to see a sex demo. The demo in question was a man stimulating a woman with a machine powered dildo. No mere vibrator, this was a reciprocating saw modified for high powered fucking.

Now I’m a little aghast to find myself making a little moue of disapproval. I’m all for sex education. I’m all for vibrators. I’ve gone to college classrooms with a bag of toys and the eager smile and glad-handing of a military recruiter. People need to know about sex and get encouragement to explore what turns them on.

But a real live woman screaming and squirting on the dais? Would talking about it be enough? Should a University be more dignified?  I’m sure it was fun, and everyone was probably aroused, which could perhaps be considered experiential learning. No doubt it made more of an impression than a mere lecture.

Some feminist reflex is also thinking male professor, boyfriend “f–saw” (his word) wielder, apparently another guy who narrated the whole thing, and the one woman in the middle getting penetrated. Not too revolutionary. But if I think about it, sex positivity isn’t just for women, and the woman in question here clearly liked it.

And one more thing. The professor is about 60, the male boyfriend 45, the narrator/tour operator is 30+, and the woman is only 25. How about we get a 60 year old woman with a bunch of 25 year olds celebrating her sexual performance? Middle aged guys plus a 25 year old woman is tediously familiar.

Live demos do have a place in adult sex ed. I sure learned a lot more in biology from dissecting that cow eye than I would have just reading about it. But because sex is so laden with all the sexism and other biases of our culture, it needs to be done in thoughtful way, if it’s meant to be liberating. So this Northwestern demo, while may be on the right track, really wasn’t all the way there yet.

For another thoughtful take on this issue, check out what Cory Silverberg has to say at

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One Response to “Live Sex in a College Class”

  1. Janna says:

    The other thing that should be noted is the professor in question published a book called “The Man Who Would Be Queen” that many transgendered people find extremely offensive. I’ve included a link that includes full details of the issue.

    Given that past history, I think it’s fair to characterize the man as someone who likes to seek out and promote unusual people in a sensational, self-aggrandizing fashion.

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